Traditional Teachings

Davids progression to working within new mediums such as birch bark, represent a full circle back to his traditional teachings from his father- David Charles Senior. David Charles senior was a natural herbalist in his community. Commonly known to western society as a Medicine Man.  Mushomis would travel all around northern Ontario, Canada. Treating the sick and living a traditional lifestyle among colonial discrimination and segregation.  Its through this traditional living that David Charles Jr. was able to learn to live entirely off the land as a young man.  
Many years ago, David went to the bush with his family to visit their trap line.  Bowls were forgotten, so Moshomis (David Charles Sen,) sent young David to gather some roots and peeled birch bark.  When David returned his father showed him how to make a basket, by piercing the holes and sewing it together.  David recalls this not to be any particularly nice bowl, but later inspired his work in his years to come. 

It was with this knowledge that David began to experiment and create fine Ojibwe Art Baskets, staying true to his naturalism approach but working instead with paint as a mediumand more definitive thick lines commonly seen throughout Ojibwe art in North America. 

**Basket Orders must be made in advance, and subject to available supply as there is only a short window of time available to harvest**
**orders are available in bulk for conferences and gift giving, pending available safe harvesting**

David has been thoroughly adamant throughout his life that you never take more than needed and you don't let others go without when you have enough to share.  These teachings may not be the most convenient for artists, but its integral to his art and life processes.